Young public

From time to time the Alexis Forel Museum proposes entertainment and activities engaging the public, linked to the temporary or permanent exhibitions.

It also teams up with other events that offer this type of outreach such as Le Livre sur les quais (Books on the Quayside), La Fête de la musique (The Music Festival), Le passeport vacances de Morges (The Morges Holiday Passport) and many others.

Finally, educational material, Ecole-Musée (School-Museum), on the topic “Imagine your own museum”, is available for teachers and their classes.


This material is designed to allow teachers, in particular primary school teachers (pupils aged 7 to 12), to prompt a discussion on the motivations of collectors, the reasons for conserving and presenting sundry everyday objects. Thus will lead to questioning of the contents of the museum and the museum itself: Why museums ? Why go to a museum? How should a museum be visited?

Didactic files (Download the file)